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Amplify Media Sales  

Where years of media sales experience meets

the new world of advertising

Our Story

Where We Started

Amplify Media Sales was established in 2012 with a mission to provide media companies with a structured way of securing new long term local advertisers and reinvigorating sales teams, but with the flexibility and adaptability to move with the times.


We are proud to boast an experienced and dynamic team, all dedicated to our mission and to securing the very best results for our Media Partners.


Whether you are in radio, press, television or outdoor and no matter the location or market condition, contact us to find out how Amplify Media Sales can help you overcome advertiser reluctance and generate new long term local revenue.

Our Leadership Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Sales is what we do. 
Our experienced team delivers a proven formula that has been successfully implemented all around the world, no matter the market conditions. It is this formula which  delivers results for our Media Partners. So much so, it is no wonder our Media Partners work with us year after year.

Todd Curle


Todd Curle

+44 203 887 4484

Starting his media career in the mid-80s in New Zealand Radio, Todd took three years off in the late 80s to travel the world. Upon returning to New Zealand he soon got back into Media and within 2 years, at the age of 27, became the youngest ever General Manager of a Metropolitan Radio Station.

With a career that has included being National Agency Sales Manager for a large Radio Network and  National Outdoor Advertising company, Todd found his niche in Management and Local Advertising Sales.  

Before launching Amplify My Sales Ltd in 2012, Todd was a shareholder and Managing Director of a similar company called NRS Media for 4 years in Sydney – Australia, followed by 9 years in London. He grew this UK operation from 4 staff and 10 clients in 2002, to 54 staff and 130 clients across Europe in 2011.

Todd has been the owner of Amplify My Sales for the last 12 years and has been living and working with UK Radio and Press for the last 22 years.

Todd has 25 years of Advertiser Acquisition Programme experience, from which stems his passion for local sales and building exceptional sales teams. There is not much Todd doesn’t know about how to grow media companies’ long- term local advertising revenue.


Many references are available from around the world upon request.

Riad Zouheir


Riad Zouheir

+44 203 887 4484

Riad Zouheir has over 20 years of experience in marketing and is renowned across the Media Industry for helping local businesses grow through offline and online marketing.  


Riad is very charismatic, passionate and obsessed with helping local businesses across the globe increase market share and expand brand recognition through effective advertising and has helped thousands of local businesses achieve their goals.

Riad is a data-driven marketer with deep business knowledge, who's updated with the latest developments in the digital marketing landscape.  He's skilled at designing marketing strategies utilising key channels of acquisition like PPC, Display, Social, SEO, Press TV and Radio.

Riad has spoken at over 300 conferences & major growth marketing workshops around the world.

A Parisian, Riad has now lived in London for over 20 years.

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